Sports journalist and ski instructor Hannes Marker had seen way too many broken bones on the slopes. The year was 1952 and modern ski bindings with the name Marker Duplex were born. Thanks to continuous improvements, high level development and technical innovation, Marker retains its position as a world leader.




Founders Alessandro and Giovanna Dal Bello perfected their trade as ski boot building ”artisans” at the Henke ski boot factory in Switzerland in the early 1960’s.

They knew that their ideas and creativity were not being efficiently utilized, and were confident that they could make a better business producing ski boots on their own. So, that’s exactly what they did. The first Dalbello ski boots were sold in Austria in 1974.




Völkl is a respected global brand, grounded in German precision, attention to detail and quality. Development and inspiration continues to be drawn from World Cup competition and freestyle. This continues to challenge and inspire new technical innovation. Völkl offers a complete product range for all types of skiing.

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